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Adventures are one-time maps (in contrast to Expeditions) that provide the story in the player's progression through the game. The Adventure maps are untimed and provide no rewards beyond storyline progression. Each Adventure has one main quest series and four side quests.

Unlike Expeditions, Adventures have a crew requirement, filled by neighbors or free crew members from collection turn-ins. In addition, the player does not have to ask for additional crew members; each crew member can be used after 24 hours.

Adventure maps are unlocked as the player progresses through the main quest series. In Chapter 1, that means acquiring the different idols from the maps in order to unlock the Secret of El Dorado.

Each Adventure map has two side maps accessible via hidden stairs leading down into smaller caves. These side maps usually have to be completely cleared in order to complete one or two of the side quests.

In addition, each Adventure map also has a hidden animal to be "saved". Once the animal has been "saved", the animal will follow the player back to Base Camp and serves as another source of coin income.


Chapter 1: The Secret of El Dorado[]

Name Level Crew Size Requirements Item Animal
Deep Jungle 1 3 5 waters, 5 fuels, 5 foods Monkey Idol Sleepy the Sloth
Mountain 7 5 Bird Idol Fluffy the Ewe
Cavern 13 8 80 waters, 80 fuels, 80 foods Snake Idol Smokey the Canary
Volcano 19 10 400 waters, 400 fuels, 400 foods Jaguar Idol Steamy the Salamander
Secret of El Dorado 25 12 800 waters, 800 fuels, 800 foods Alchemist Box Flippy the Frog

Chapter 2: Riddle of the Sphinx[]

Name Level Crew Size Requirements Item Animal

Chapter 3: Mystery of the Yeti[]

Name Level Crew Size Requirements Item Animal