Adventure World Wiki

Part 1[]

The adventure begins! Get Through the Jungle Approach whuth Indy!

  • Start the Jungle Approach
  • Complete the Jungle Approach
  • Place the Sturdy Statue

Part 2[]

Continue pursuing the Calendar in the Mystery of the Moon Door!

  • Start the Mystery of the Moon Door
  • Complete the Mystery of the Moon Door
  • Place the Blooming Compass Rose

Part 3[]

Recover materials fot the Celesial Compass in the Lunar Mine!

  • Start the Lunar Mine
  • Complete the Lunar Mine
  • Place the Radio

Part 4[]

Forge the Celestial Compass so you can get into the Moon Temple!

  • Start the Ancient Forge
  • Complete the Ancient Forge
  • Place the Radio Celestial Forges

Part 5[]

Raid the Moon temple for the Calendar piece!

  • Start the Temple of the Moon
  • Complete the Temple of the Moon
  • Place the Calendar of the Sun Altar