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Mountain Pass initial area

Mountain Pass is an expedition map available at level 7. It is the first mountain-type map and first map to require the tool Pickaxe.

It requires 250 supplies, 2 waters, 2 fuels, and 2 foods in order to start.


Main Quest[]

Survey the Pass[]

“Find a new pass and mark it with Survey Flags. I’d do it myself, but I’m needed in camp.” - Trip Hawthorne

Summary: Find a new pass and plant trail markers along it.


  • Plant the first Trail Marker.
  • Plant the second Trail Marker.
  • Plant the third Trail Marker.
  • Plant the fourth Trail Marker.

Hint: Plant survey flags in flag stands.

Side Quest[]

Clear the Pass[]

“Clear any brush or traps. Some adventurers need all the help they can get." - Trip Hawthorne

Summary: Clear the new pass of traps and bushes.


  • Disarm Spear Traps. (0/2)
  • Clear Bushes. (0/4)
  • Clear Mountain Shrubs. (0/4)

​Hint: Look for hidden trap disarm switches.

Make the Pass Safe[]

“Snakes up there are cold. Reptiles get grouchy when they’re cold. Clear them out!” - Trip Hawthorne

Summary: Clear the new pass of dangerous snakes.


  • Defeat Bushmaster Snakes. (0/4)

Hint: Bush Snakes can move through bushes.


Bushmaster Snake (level 8) - 4 HP


0 Star:

1 Star:

  • 750 coins, 2 waters

2 Stars:

  • 800 coins, 4 waters

3 Stars:

  • 850 coins, 6 waters

4 Stars:

  • 950 coins, 10 waters
  • Requires 12 quest completions

5 Stars:

  • 1100 coins, 15 waters