Treasure Trail is the first expidition map. It is a jungle type map.

It requires 600 supplies to start.

Quests[edit | edit source]

"Prof. Allen said that going on expiditions is the fastest way to earn coins.

If I gain enough experience then Professor Allen may confide in me!"

Find the Azure Skull[edit | edit source]

"The Society's collection needs azure skulls. Take any not attached to bodies." - Profesor Allen

Summary: Find the Azure Skull somewhere in the jungle.


  • Recover the rare Azure Skull

Gather the Ruby Vases[edit | edit source]

"Ruby Vases are uncommon. Grab any you find!" - Profesor Allen

Summary: Gather ruby vases located in the jungle.

Hint: The Azure Skull is at the end of the jungle path!


  • Get at least 3 Ruby Vases

Hint: Ruby Vases are usually found in hazardous locations.

Gather the Jade Vases[edit | edit source]

"Jade Vases make a nice addition to the Society's collection. Grab them!" - Profesor Allen

Summary: Vases made of Jade litter the lands of Mesoamerica.


  • Get at least 3 Jade Vases

Hint: Jade Vases are fairly common but tend to blend in to the environment.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Quick snake (level 2)

Rewards[edit | edit source]

0 Stars

1 Star

  • 300 Coins

2 Stars

  • 350 Coins

3 Stars

  • 400 Coins

4 Stars

  • 500 Coins

5 Stars

  • 700 Coins
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