Adventure World Wiki

Part 1[]

Obtain pieces of the key to the Temple of the Sky from a series of ancient pyramids

  • Place Indy's Tent
  • Start Path of the Pyramids
  • Complete Path of the Pyramids
  • Place the Treasure Cart

Part 2[]

Continue pursuing the Calendar in the Mystery of the Moon Door!

  • Finish Building Indy's Tent
  • Start Skyward Bound
  • Complete Skyward Bound
  • Place your reward

Part 3[]

Enter the Gallery of the Temple of the Sky to use the Skystone and investigate deeper

  • Start Gallery of the Sky
  • Complete Gallery of the Sky
  • Place the Sky Mural

Part 4[]

Release the Aztec Eagle Warriors from their cursed fate in Eyrie of the Generals

  • Start the Eyrie of the Generals
  • Complete the Eyrie of the Generals
  • Place the Warriors' Monument

Part 5[]

  • Start
  • Complete
  • Place